The RecSys 2012 Limerick Challenge

Announcing a contest for the best RecSys-related limerick! Winner to be recognized at the 2012 conference.

Prize: 100 Euros, possibly to be split among multiple winners.

Post your limerick as a comment in response to this post. Keep it appropriate for all ages, please, but it’s OK if mathematical sophistication is required!

Answers to frequently questions that might get asked infrequently:

  • Judges TBD.
  • No, we don’t promise to be fair or careful in our judging.
  • No, even if there are many submissions we will not announce an acceptance rate.
  • No, you shouldn’t put it on your CV if you win, unless you already have tenure.
  • Yes, if you win you should spend the money buying a round at a pub in Dublin, or possibly make a road trip to Limerick.

[Originally posted by Paul Resnick, before ownership of the blog was transferred.]


29 thoughts on “The RecSys 2012 Limerick Challenge

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  4. A RecSys lass, at certain private events,
    Found her convexities brought joyful laments.
    But she said, “Quit yer whinin’.
    You’ll get yer hill climbin’.
    Just give me some gradient descent.”

  5. There was once this guy, quite busy
    Who was smitten by a very pretty missy
    His experiments ended badly
    When he asked her (quite sadly)
    So, what is your RMSE?

  6. The recsys-guys thought is was time
    to give this arrogant guy a subtle sign:
    One who gets on our nerves
    will get what he deserves
    And be ridiculed in many a rhyme

  7. A bunch of scientists in Hong Kong
    studied and researched incredibly long
    Thanks to last years tutorial by Bart
    They all were incredibly smart
    And statistics went no longer wrong

  8. There once was a conference in Dublin,
    Where the best papers was given by a woman.
    There was much to commend her,
    And her good recommender. 
    But the rest of the attendees were all men. 

  9. Roses are red this netflix service seems to be too.
    Why do you guys all implement fancy recommender systems,
    if we in Europe cannot use this service too :o)

  10. There was a professor from Maine,
    Who wanted to purchase a plane.
    But with no recommender,
    He was forced to surrender
    And has never been heard from again.

  11. In looking for trends that are new
    We turned to the wisdom of few
    But so many were they
    That we soon had to say
    My ol’collaborative filter will do!

  12. There once was a man named Student
    Who thought stats for beer was most prudent
    But Bart was a pest
    And nixed the T-Test
    So tonight’s Guinness will taste like effluent.

  13. a grad student needed a favor
    to study his new k-nearest neighbor
    his study filled to the brim
    with grad students like him
    and Bart rejected his paper!

  14. A researcher went on a caper
    To publish the fruits of his labour
    But he wasn’t from Belgium
    And users came seldom
    So RecSys rejected his paper

  15. I found an obvious improvement to my meta-limerick. Updated version:

    A system that’ll instantly render
    Based on your birthplace and gender
    Some puerile rhymes
    At a length of five lines
    Now that’d be a fun recommender!

  16. (sorry for previous not-limerick posts, my intention was not damaging this interesting challenge. This one gets closer to a Limerick)

    All apologies for my anti-poetry
    it comes from my past in the country,
    the cows sang along
    n’ rain all day long.
    I am this strange southern chemistry.

  17. A system that’ll instantly render
    Based on your age and your gender
    Some puerile rhymes
    At a length of five lines
    Now that’d be a fun recommender!

  18. i once got a freak rec-o-mmendation
    for dinner at a breakfast lo-cation
    the system flawed in my eyes
    this recsys wasn’t contextualized!
    but my dinner was eggs, toast, and bacon

  19. there’s a conference we all highly rate
    where accuracy results won’t be sate
    the algorithms proposed
    make matrices decomposed
    but will the recommendations ever be great?

  20. OK, maybe one more:

    Minneapolis and then Lausanne
    Then New York and then Europe Again
    Barcelona did rate
    And Chicago is great
    Next a Guinnes in Dublin, oh man!

  21. That Pariser guy warns of a bubble
    Which he says will cause all of us trouble.
    Sure we’ll get what we want,
    But the filter will haunt
    As diversity lies in the rubble.

    We researchers who gather at RecSys
    Know transparency lies at the nexus
    Of control and of trust.
    So explain well, we must,
    And we make algorithms complexes!

  22. A young lad with his life all a-kilter
    Found a date by collab-rative filter,
    As his profile grew,
    He found lasses anew.
    And his date? The young lad he did jilt her.

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